Retirement Planning

What is Retirement Planning?

For us at FatTail Financial Advisory Group, retirement planning is getting a person to retirement. Retirement planning is not to be confused with income planning which is the first step in our three-pronged approach to later life planning. Time, the amount you have already saved for retirement and a rate of return are the three major mathematical factors we take into consideration when calculating where you stand relative to retiring.
Our retirement planning process involves looking at your current lifestyle and financial situation, looking at the kind of lifestyle you envision for yourself and your family in retirement and determining the most efficient way to achieve what you envision. Everyone’s vision of retirement is different.  Ideally, we would like you to be able to maintain your current style of living in retirement.
But true retirement planning is more than a calculation. We work with our client’s emotions; the fear and greed which often drive the markets in times of stress. Clients often have other anxieties; anxieties that are related to a lack of financial self-confidence such as the anxiety related to using numbers, the fear of financial failure, and the fear of the unknown.  We often tell clients that it is ironic that we supposedly live in one of the most capitalistic countries in the world yet we do not understand the capitalistic system and how to use it in our lives in a proactive fashion.
We work with our retiring clients to: 
A) Envision their retirement
B) Make contingency plans if threatened with downsizing
C) Evaluate the need to save more
D) Evaluate the need to work longer
E) Evaluate the need for a different asset allocation 
Are you sick of the generalities and scenarios offered to you by your 401(k) plan provider? Do you know your probability of retirement income success? Begin to answer those questions by visiting our special retirement planning website.  After you visit the site let us get specific with you. Call 718-774-9575 for an appointment.