What You Can Expect

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This is an outline of how we conduct our appointments during the first year. Please set two hours aside for an appointment. Please be organized so as not to waste time. If you need help with organization you are not alone. Let us know and we can help you with setting up organizational systems.  An appointment is the ultimate in interactivity. If you cannot keep an appointment please give us 48 hours notice. We will reschedule you as soon as possible.
First Visit
Introduction to the firm, the services provided and how you compensate us
Gathering of background data related to goals both personal and financial
Cash Flow Analysis
Risk Management Analysis
If a client has investable assets, we review the fundamental principles of investing and the wealth management process
Homework assignments
Second Visit
Review of financial plan related to financial goal(s)
Use of tax-advantaged programs in reaching financial goal(s)
Use of taxable programs in reaching financial goal(s)
Application of investing principles to client’s specific situation
Establishment of basic programs related to past savings
Establishment of basic programs related to future savings
Homework assignments
Third Visit
Review of previous visits and programs
Review of how to read statements and methods of evaluating investment management performance
Continuation of planning process
Review of update/revised plans
Asset protection strategies
Basic estate planning
Homework assignments
Fourth Visit
Continuation of asset protection and estate planning strategies
Review of estate plan
Building and working with your advisory team
Advanced estate planning may include appointments with your CPA firm and estate and/or elder law attorney. If you do not currently work with such professionals, we can refer you to appropriate professionals.
Homework assignments
Service Visits
Reviews and rebalancing of portfolio to lock in gains in existing programs
Updates of plans
Advanced asset allocation
Update of estate plan
Advanced estate planning
Homework assignments
If you are over 55 years of age, our focus will be on envisioning your retirement. Please view our retirement planning website.
If you are over 60 years of age, our focus will be on understanding when you should retire, the tax consequences of retirement, the role of inflation, risk management strategies, income planning methods and long-term care planning.

If you are over 70 years of age, our focus will be on management/maximalization of required minimum distributions, conducting a beneficiary audit, the role of stretch IRAs, avoiding probate and other legacy planning techniques. 

We work by appointment and referral only.  Services provided are the services of FatTail Financial Advisory Group Inc. Not all Cambridge Investment Research Advisors offer the same services or charge the same fees. We do not give tax or legal advice. Please consult a professional to address your personal situation. If you have not established such professional relationships, we will be glad to refer you to an appropriate professional.